About Me


Fashion, commercial and events photographer based in Orlando, FL

I am bold and consistently take bold action. I am fearless and unstoppable. I am not in the past. I am not in the future. I’m in the now and on course to greatness.

Known for being the official photographer of Orlando Fashion Week 2017, Come Out with Pride Orlando 2017 and creator of the non-profit event Kids Behind the Lens, Ken Montano began his journey 7 years ago as a family portraits photographer at a resort in Kissimmee, Florida. Within 3 years, Ken Montano had gained a great deal of experience in a short period of time by photographing over 2,000 families.
While continuing to pursue family portrait photography, Ken Montano broadened his field of expertise into other areas of photography such as headshots. Feedback received from many artists confirmed they had received the parts they auditioned for, in part thanks to Ken Montano’s ability to bring out and capture expressions that set the artists’ apart.
Ken Montano’s education in film heavily influences his photography and is noticeable in the lighting and technique of his images, as well as in the artistic expression. Having received an Associate’s Degree in Film Production Technology with a specialization in Cinematography,  each one of Ken Montano’s images tells a unique story. It’s not about capturing a moment- it’s about captivating and intriguing the viewer. Ken Montano gives each image a purpose – a story to artistically tell – which drives the technicalities of the shot and the guidance given to the subject so that he/she can emanate a particular emotion or expression.
These skills and abilities have allowed Ken Montano to expand his photography portfolio into the fields of commercial  and fashion photography, which require a great deal of artistic expression. Ken Montano participates in continuous professional training programs offered for sale by some of the most reputable photographers today, such as Lindsay Adler, Peter Hurley and Josh Rossi.  Influenced and inspired by these renown photographers, Ken Montano knows how important it is to make the subject not only feel comfortable, but to create an environment that allows them to confidently radiate their true selves and natural emotions. 
With the intention of raising funds for the Epilepsy Association of Central Florida, Ken Montano has created a non-profit event called Kids Behind the Lens. The first annual Kids Behind the Lens was held in November 2017 and was a popular success. The event gives kids between the ages of 11 and 15 an educational and fun experience of what it’s like to be a professional photographer by simulating in a professional studio typical events: a wedding, a fashion show, a rock concert, a magazine shoot, etc. 
Please contact Ken Montano through the Reserve page if you are interested in having your child participate in the 2018 event, or if you are a professional (photographer, model, actor, make-up artist, etc.) wanting to be a part of the simulated events.
Kids Behind the Lens